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BIG CHAR CCT is a Pyrocal initiative and Pyrocal Pty Ltd is an Australian company specialising in the design and manufacture of thermal treatment systems that can add value to biomass residues.

The BIG CHAR Continuous Carbonisation Technology (CCT) enables:
  • Upgrading of a wide variety of biomass materials to biocarbon and other products in an efficient, safe and profitable manner.
  • Generation of useful energy.
  • Avoidance of the need to landfill or incinerate.
  • Further value adding options such as activated carbon, or substitutes for fossil fuels.
  • Fuel charcoal or torrefied wood to replace coal and charcoal slurries to supplement heavy fuel oil.


Our smaller and most mobile gasification/carbonisation systems have been designed to be safely used on a trailer or small truck. The larger, industrial end of the range is designed to integrate with waste processing operations such as municipal green waste facilities or crop processing plants.

Better Earth Products (BEP)

better_earth_products_iconBetter Earth Products (BEP) is another Pyrocal business which produces biochar using BIG CHAR CCT on a commercial scale. This allows for meaningful supply of biochar for market development and realistic assessments of the suitability of feed stocks for biochar production.

Better Earth Products are a valuable resource for use in plant growing media, including agricultural, horticultural and industrial uses.

Better Earth Products

Our high-quality BEP biochars are available to purchase.

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Is BIG CHAR for me? Image

Is BIG CHAR for me?

CCT Technology lands
in Vietnam

In November 2014, one of our Big Char 2200 models was installed at a new EcoFarm corn and rice processing facility near Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam. Josiah Hunt, technical