BIG CHAR Technology

How was the BiG char Continuous
Carbonisation (BIG CHAR CCT)
Technology developed and
how does it work?

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Is BIG CHAR for me?

Read our Value Proposition
and discover the story of
our BIG CHAR 2200 models being
installed at an EcoFarm in Vietnam.

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What BIG CHAR can do for you:

Waste Reduction Icon

Waste Reduction

Avoid landfilling
or incineration

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Heat Production Icon

Heat Production

heat energy

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Biochar Production Icon

Biochar Production

Soil improvers,
Carbon sequestration

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Is BIG CHAR for me? Image

Is BIG CHAR for me?

CCT Technology lands
in Vietnam

In November 2014, one of our Big Char 2200 models was installed at a new EcoFarm corn and rice processing facility near Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam. Josiah Hunt, technical