Is BIG CHAR for me?

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Value Proposition

There are many potential applications for BIG CHAR CCT. We have developed a detailed technoeconomic model which allows us to explore the technical and economic options for any particular scenario. If your opportunity fits the following criteria then Pyrocal is able to examine the specifics of your business case.

  • Do you have a reliable supply of more than 4000 tonnes (~10,000 m3/year) of biomass feedstock?
  • Is the feedstock currently available at less than 35% moisture? If not, is it available at less than 50% moisture and you have either (a) revenues from gate or processing fees that will justify pre-drying or (b) a significant demand for commercial quantities of heat and steam?
  • Is the amount you need/want to process less than 25,000 tonnes (65,000 m3/year)?
  • Is the feedstock currently available in a chipped or shredded form at a zero net cost (after accounting for any waste management gate fees or disposal costs)?


  • Do you own or lease a site with local and environmental approvals to handle the quantities of feedstock you plan to handle?
  • Do you have at least 1000 m2 (half acre) of space available?
  • Do you have a waste processing contract or a large heat/steam demand at the site, or an electricity cost of more than 30 cents/kWh?