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The BiGchar process can achieve volume reductions of 65 to 98% with waste streams such as:


  • Timber processing and arborist residues
  • Agricultural process residues such as cotton gin trash, nut shells, sugar cane trash, corn harvesting and processing residues, orchard and vineyard cuttings, grape marc, olive processing waste, coffee processing waste and the list goes on
  • Greenwaste, garden waste, greenhouse waste and food waste
  • Separated municipal waste (where recycling is infeasible, such as remote locations)
  • Biosolids, paunch waste and manures, typically with integrated drying and/or co-blending


The thermal nature of the process ensures that biohazardous materials are sterilised. The absorption capacity of the char residue can greatly reduce the presence and dispersability of odours and pollutants in the original biomass.

Is BIG CHAR for me? Image

Is BIG CHAR for me?

CCT Technology lands
in Vietnam

In November 2014, one of our Big Char 2200 models was installed at a new EcoFarm corn and rice processing facility near Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam. Josiah Hunt, technical